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A day without Laughter Is a Day Wasted

19. From Los Angeles, CA. The life of the real Edward... and not the imaginary Sparkling Vampire Edward. I'ma twin. Browned eyed. Muscular... Hey there's muscle there! I'm just keeping it warm with my fat :). Favorite color is Black and red.. bwhaha evil colors >:) lol jk and purple! I Live in Los Angeles the city of bosses ;) I play football, I'm not a mean jock :p, Favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens. For college its USC, Pennstate, and Miami. I love being random and chatting it up so say hi :)


This is my mentor and friend, Yale Winter's idea for a great game he's trying to make! He's a great guy and great programmer. He needs funds to create the game so pitch in some money on kick starter. Back him up! Check out SKY is ARROWS! For all you game freaks and RTS Gamers! He is asking for 18,000$ raised in 20 days

if he cant raise that much he dont get the money.